Keep the street neat


Tidy, clean and reliable.

ChargeArm is an original Dutch design, born from the personal needs of three designers. Based on their many years of experience within the field of product design & engineering, they have developed a system from which every car can be charged safely, simply and responsibly in front of a home or office. The patented innovative design ensures the charging cable hardly touches the ground. This keeps the cable clean, dry and protected. And perhaps most importantly, the pavement free from obstacles.

A design where in everything has been thought through.


ChargeArm is mounted on a solid foundation that can withstand any storm with ease. The housing is made from recycled aluminium and is double powder coated. All other parts are constructed using of stainless steel. In short: ChargeArm will withstand any climate.


A perfectly adjusted gas lift ensures a smooth movement. No effort required! With one hand you put the arm back in its rest position and everything automatically falls into place again. No more cables in sight and immediately ready for the next ‘charging session’


All metal parts are grounded and the tailor-made strain reliefs prevent damage to the cable. The charging cable is extra protected when it is not in use as it folds up within the ChargeArm housing.


The ChargeArm is prepared for all charging boxes. Assembly is simple and fast. If a charging box is to be switched in the future, that’s not problem. The box can be replaced effortlessly whilst the ChargeArm remains standing.

Due to the sophisticated design of the ChargeArm you can effortlessly couple your car, on and off.

The creators of the ChargeArm

Robert Sluijter

Graduated from the Industrial Design department of the Technical University in Delft. Robert is an idea machine and has developed the Beertender for Heineken together with his colleague Simon Wilkinson. “Make sure you understand the problem and then solve it”. Robert is a passionate EV driver and was the conceiver of the ChargeArm.

Simon Wilkinson
Graduated from Glasgow School of Art. Simon has a special sense for form and function and knows how to bring that combination together. Strongly visually oriented he insists that a product should be pleasing to use as well as pleasing on the eye. You can recognize Simon’s hand in the function and form of ChargeArm. Simon has owned an EV for years and knows the problems “inside out”.

Camille van den Brande

Graduating in HTS Aeronautical Engineering. Camille is the ChargeArm quality man. Perfection is in every detail. A design is only technically perfect if it has passed by Camille. ChargeArm has passed all of Camille’s tests. Camille is also an avid EV driver.

ChargeArm is a “100% Nederlands” product.